Admission To Our School

The experience provided to students by Berkeley Institute truly transcends the classroom. The dedicated staff, driven by Berkeley's distinct mission, have served as indispensable mentors in our journey to refine our own abilities and passions and use them in service to others and to the community as a whole.

Why Choose Berkeley

High schools are as different as the students that attend them. Finding the right “match” is one of the most important decisions parents and students can together make—and a school should help you through that process by making clear its areas of focus and excellence. Every top school will provide the basics of a strong education, and first and foremost Avenues is dedicated to exceptional educational standards. The key question, then, is: what is special about a particular school and is that specialty something that matters to you?

As you consider whether to apply to Berkeley, we note for you three special, perhaps even unique, aspects of our educational offering:

1. Our mission is to graduate every student prepared for a life far more global than that of prior generations. That means true fluency in a foreign language, feet-on-the-ground exposure to View All