It is indeed an honor and a pleasure to serve on the Berkeley Institute PTSA. I am a proud parent of two young ladies at the Berkeley Institute (in S3 & S4 respectively). I have been on school PTA’s for over 10 years (as long as my children have been in school). This is my third year on the Berkeley PTSA. I am proud to be an alumnus of the Berkeley Institute and I am looking forward to another productive year serving on the PTSA.

Professionally, I am a small business owner with an MBA and a BS in Electrical Engineering. I take pride in offering my 10-year experience on PTA’s along with my business and life experiences to help enhance the educational experiences of all our children. I would encourage all parents to do the same. “It takes a village to raise a child”.

My hope is that more parents will get involved in the development of our young people (through PTA’s or otherwise) so that they have the education, skills, and values required to run this country for generations to come.

Damon Wade, PTSA Treasurer