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From the Desk of The Principal

Welcome and greetings from The Berkeley Institute family!  It remains an honour and privilege to serve as the 8th Principal of The Berkeley Institute.  As Berkeleyites, much is expected of us!  


We are ecstatic that you are navigating our school website to learn more about our institution and the excellent opportunities we offer to our stakeholders.  We are an accredited (MSA-CESS), diverse senior school with a rich heritage and tradition of excellence, providing a stimulating learning environment that prepares all of its students to lead full and purposeful lives and to assume leadership roles in both the local and global communities.


The Berkeley Institute has provided exceptional educational opportunities for students for nearly 125 years.  In this time, our school has built a reputation for excellence, integrity, and perseverance.  We are proud of our legacy and we are thrilled that you are interested in The Berkeley Institute community. 


Our primary responsibility is student success and offering all students educational opportunities that will maximize their potential.  Student success at The Berkeley Institute is our only option!  We will support the dreams and aspirations of our students wholeheartedly as they work towards furthering their education at College or University or to become part of Bermuda’s workforce.


Research will demonstrate that high performing schools are distinguished by exceptional culture and climate.  At The Berkeley Institute, we pride ourselves on cultivating a strong culture and climate that provides strength and stability for relevant curriculum, inspiring instruction and activities, effective processes and strategies that ensure student success.   We continue to be proud to be Berkeleyites!   The ‘Green and Gold’ we will forever uphold…If you know, you know! Respice Finem…


In closing, we owe much of our school’s success to our hard-working, dedicated and committed staff, who always go above and beyond for our students by ensuring that their academic, social, physical and emotional well-being is at the fore.  All members of the Berkeley family are committed to student success and we look forward to working with all of our stakeholders!


Together, I know we will continue to make our school one of growth and accomplishment for our students and staff as we begin to prepare for Senior School Signature Learning Programming.


Respice Finem- Keep the End in View!


Ms. Keisha L. Douglas                                                                                                                 


Graduate Year: 1990

House Color: Green House



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