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The Berkeley Institute Duke of Edinburgh Award Program Update


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The Berkeley Institute Duke of Edinburgh Award Program Update

Celebrating Our Progress: A Look at the Duke of Edinburgh Award Program

Since the Duke of Edinburgh Award Program restarted at The Berkeley Institute in October 2023, we've seen remarkable progress and enthusiasm from our students. What began with 6 dedicated participants has now grown to 11 registered members, demonstrating the appeal and impact of this global youth development program.

Our participants have been actively engaged in a variety of activities, reflecting the core principles of the Duke of Edinburgh Award: community service, skill-building, physical recreation, and adventurous journeys. Here's a snapshot of what we've achieved so far:

  • Community Service: Our students have been committed to giving back to the community, volunteering their time and talents to make a positive impact. Whether it's assisting with local events, helping out at shelters, or organizing clean-up drives, our participants are embodying the spirit of service.
  • Learning New Skills: Each participant has taken on new challenges, acquiring valuable skills in areas like cooking, photography, and music. These new skills not only contribute to their award journey but also enrich their personal growth and confidence.
  • Preparing for the Qualifying Journey: A significant part of the program involves the adventurous journey, and our participants have been gearing up for this challenge with determination and teamwork. On April 27th, 2024, our group took part in the Annual Middle-to-End Walk, a major event that tests endurance and camaraderie. Our participants excelled, demonstrating resilience and commitment as they completed various tasks, including cooking a hot lunch, proving that teamwork truly makes the dream work!

Looking Ahead: Summer Expeditions and Beyond

This summer, we have two participants who will be traveling overseas to participate in their Gold Award expedition. This is a fantastic opportunity for them to push their boundaries and create unforgettable memories. We are excited to support them on this journey and look forward to hearing their stories when they return.

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The Duke of Edinburgh Award Program is an amazing opportunity for students to develop new skills, build confidence, and create lasting friendships while working toward a prestigious international award. If you're a student at The Berkeley Institute and interested in joining, we'd love to have you! Please see Ms. Waldron in room A511 for an application and start your own journey of discovery and adventure.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our program so far. We can't wait to see where this journey takes us next!

Ms. Waldron

Award Leader, Duke of Edinburgh Award Program

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