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Student Council


The mission of The Berkeley Institute Student Council is to serve the collective interests of Berkeley students, to enhance the quality of life of the student body, to help fellow students attain their goals, to enrich the school community, and to enhance the community awareness of The Berkeley Institute as a respected institution of secondary learning.

The Student Council is comprised of thirteen Executive members who are elected annually through a full democratic process. Additionally, there are over sixty-five General members.

Arabic Club


The mission of this Arabic for Beginners Club is to introduce students to a basic knowledge of Arabic phonetics that can be used as a spring board to future careers using the Arabic language.


From left to right some Arabic Club students.

Jahmenelik Woolridge, Ameenah E. Steede (teacher), Troyuna Virgil-Chaney, Sophia Tessitore, Keni Smith.

Debate Club


The Berkeley Institute Debate Club exists to improve the critical and analytical thinking skills, research, teamwork, listening, oratorical, leadership and problem solving abilities of our students - all balanced with integrity and a healthy competitive spirit.


Students will have access to local debate and public speaking opportunities/tournaments, both as participants and observers.

Meeting Day & Time:

We meet on Thursday afternoons from 3:45 – 5:00 p.m. in Room C406/407. Contact Mr. McHardy or Mrs. Ross-Nwasike in Student Services for more details.

Duke of Edinburgh Club


The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award helps young people discover, develop and achieve their greatest potential through activities involving community service, developing personal skills, physical recreation and adventurous journeys that are completed locally and overseas.

Visit the following link for more information on The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award:


The Berkeley Institute Bridge Club

Bridge is a partnership game. Trust, communication and patience are the essential attributes of winning at bridge. For a student, the strategy part teaches them math, logic, and interpretive skills. The partnership part teaches them to respect and trust their partner.


 It's an elegant game, full of strategy and tactics. It's part science, part math, part logic, part reason. But a huge component of bridge is also very human. This melding of the former with the latter is what sets bridge apart, not only from other card games, but also from board games like chess. While computers can now routinely beat all but a handful of chess grandmasters, they can't come close to outplaying the world's finest bridge players. Why is this? Because computers can understand math, but they can't understand people.

Robotics Club

Mission Statement

The robotics club is a multidisciplinary student-run group which resides in the Business and Information Technology Department of the Berkeley Institute. Each academic year the club is mentored by Mr. Duval Robinson and supported by Mr. Steve Lawrence with the focus being theory, design, build, and programming of robotic systems. Every year, our goal is to compete in the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Challenges offering Bermudian students the opportunity to design their own ROVs, and then deploy their self-built ROVs in underwater missions alongside their peers.


Word of Life Bermuda

Mission Statement

Reaching youth, whose needs constantly change with the unchanging truth of the gospel.

When: Tuesdays

Time: lunch

Location: B510



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