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At The Berkeley Institute, all students must work hard to achieve an acceptable academic standard. The quest for academic excellence begins in the classroom and continues at home where skills learnt at school are tested and reinforced.


We ask that parents support and help us in our efforts to ensure that their children meet this standard by setting aside sufficient time for homework each night. At least 2-3 hours of homework and study each night will ensure success in each student’s educational endeavours.



All students must arrive at school by 8:30 a.m. and should go directly to their first period class on the bell at 8:40 a.m. Regular attendance as well as punctuality to school and all classes are important habits of successful Berkeleyites. If a student is absent for any reason, the school is to be informed by telephone on the same day and confirmation of the reason for absence provided in a written note signed by the parent or guardian. This note is to be brought to school when the student returns, and given to the attendance clerk on the lower atrium. If a student wishes to be excused from school during normal school hours or during the lunch hour, the student must bring a note written and signed by the parent/guardian. Attendance queries and information on absences should be directed to the attendance clerk at 294-0357 or by letter or e-mail to the principal/deputy principals.


Between each class, there are two bells. Students arriving after the second bell are deemed late.


Students who must attend medical appointments before coming to school must also bring a note to school when they arrive. Any request to leave school should be made only if it is absolutely necessary. Parents are asked to avoid making appointments which would cause students to be absent during school time.


Permission for students to be absent to travel abroad should not be sought except during emergencies or exceptional circumstances. Parents must consider the detrimental effect of students being absent from school during a period when examinations or preparation for examinations is taking place. Examinations missed will not be rescheduled.


Students who are absent for an examination due to sickness must produce a doctor’s certificate. Such students may be allowed to write the examination at another time or be given.



Students will, on occasion, remain after school for extra-work, because of misbehaviour, to play in sports fixtures or to take part in other extracurricular activities. Students are permitted to phone home when they are detained unexpectedly.


We require our students to arrive at school by 8:30 a.m. each day. The main doors open at 8:00 a.m. Please note that students who arrive late to school will suffer a consequence on the same day.

There are some legitimate reasons why students are late and we do take these into consideration when entering attendance codes in Chancery SMS. Here are some examples:

  •  Bus broke down - confirmed by PTB
  • Traffic Jam
  •  Accident
  •  Dentist/Doctor Appt. – confirmed by parent
  •  Sick
  • Attendance at Funeral
  •  Compassionate Leave
  •  Went home sick
  •  OSA – Off Site Activity (marked present)


  •  When a student arrives late on any given day he/she will remain after school for an hour as a consequence and make up the time and the work missed.
  • Students arriving late to school (after 8:35 a .m.) will be “locked out” of period 1, and will remain in the lower atrium with a member of the Admin Team (Principal or Deputy Principal) where they will be supervised and given other work to complete. At the suggestion of a parent, this may include some custodial chores. They will remain after school that same day to make up the time and work as mentioned above. It will be the student’s responsibility to collect the work from his/her teacher. Students who arrive AFTER the start of period 2 will NOT be admitted to class until their parents report to the school.
  •  Students who continue to be late to school will forfeit these privileges: collecting certificates at honors assemblies, team representation, grub days, and collecting awards at Prize Giving.
  •  Students with excessive lateness in S1, S2, S3 and definitely S4 will jeopardize their participation in Graduation.
  • We are hoping that parents and students will address their own punctuality challenges so that we do not have to enforce these penalties which are supported by the Berkeley Board of Governors.


Finally, we would like to remind parents that you can keep a close eye on student attendance by signing up for Power School. Please go to the Ministry of Education’s website at and click on the Power School link at the top. Then follow the instructions which will allow you to request an account.



Students are formally assessed four times per year- in October, January, March and June. Each assessment is based on tests and assignments conducted during the designated period. Mid-year and end-of-year examinations usually form part of a student’s assessment.


Formal reports on each student’s progress are forwarded to parents at the end of each term. There are four Formal Reports and Four Progress reports.Assessment grades are forwarded to parents at the end of each period.


Report Schedule:

Mid Quarter 1

Progress Report

Mid October

Quarter 1

Report Card

Mid November

Mid Quarter 2

Progress Report

Late December

Quarter 2

Report Card

Early February

Mid Quarter 3

Progress Report

Mid March

Quarter 3

Report Card

Mid April

Mid Quarter 4

Progress Report

Late May

Quarter 4

Report Card

Early July

When reading the report, parents are asked to note the student’s performance in each subject. Classroom attitude and performance, punctual submission of homework and the effort that a student commits to his/her work all impact directly on the student’s overall performance. Regular monitoring of a student’s performance by parents is welcomed and encouraged.


Parents and students are required to attend the parent/teacher conferences held once each semester to collect the current student report card and to meet with your son’s/daughter’s teachers. This is an excellent opportunity to interact with all of your son’s/daughter’s teachers and to discuss progress in each subject. It is not possible to reschedule these meetings for parents during the school day as that causes too much disruption to regular classes. Parents are encouraged to keep in touch with teachers by e-mail if they have access to such a communications system.


E-mail addresses of teachers can be found in the online staff directory, at the bottom of the "About Us" page on the school website


Parents may also track student progress using Powerschool. You can see what assignments have been submitted or missing, plus the grades attained.



The Honour Roll gives recognition to students who have achieved a pre-determined academic standard. There are three levels of Honour Students:


Academic Merit – An overall Minimum average of 75-79% is required.
(with no failures)


Honours - An overall minimum average of 80- 86% is required.
(with no failures)


High Honours - An overall minimum average of 87-89%is required.
(with no failures)


Principal’s Honours – An overall minimum average of 90% + is required.
(with no failures)


These criteria are reviewed from time to time and, therefore, should not be regarded as permanent.


Students may achieve Honour Roll each quarter. Students who attain Honour Roll status will receive certificates at our quarterly Honour roll assemblies, to which the parents are invited. Students are awarded pins for their Quarter Four results. ( S4 students during their the morning graduation service; S1-S3 at the start of the next school year). Instead of an Honour Roll pin, certificates are given for quarters one, two and three. Those who are fortunate enough to achieve Principal’s Honours for their Quarter Four session are presented with gold-plated pins at the annual Prize Giving Ceremony in November. (S4-Students during graduation ceremony).


Students are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 in order to graduate with The Ministry of Education Bermuda School Diploma (BSD). To attain The Berkeley Institute School Certificate, students must maintain a 2.25 cumulative GPA, amongst other requirements. Students who experience difficulty in maintaining a 2.00 in any class at any time are urged to seek assistance from parents, teachers, and counselors or administers.



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