I am currently the Secretary of the PTSA Executive Committee. 

It is my duty to keep a comprehensive log of items discussed and debated during our meetings.  These records, also known as minutes, may cover what was accomplished, said or set at the meeting, and may exclude individual opinions from group members.  I also note the members who are present, record group decisions and write down actions in the order that they occurred.  Once the meeting is complete, formal reports and copies of the minutes are distributed to Committee members.

Having this position is a great responsibility and you must be an organized person.  I took on this position because I have the skills required to carry out the job.  As well, I love to be involved in my daughter’s school, one way or another.  Plus, it makes it a habit for me to attend PTSA meetings, which some parents believe it is not necessary, but they should at least give it a try.  With our new Committee, we endeavor to work hard for the school and do the best for our students and parents.

Mrs. Jeanann Simons